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About Us

Seamax Exports ... A Canadian company, was founded by Lassaad Ben Hamed. Lassaad learned the importing and exporting trade through his grandfather and father who have traded spices in Northeast Africa for over a generation. His father imported and exported a broad range of ingredient products including: Sudanese sesame seeds, Ethiopian natural gum, Arabic gum, Indonesian gum damar, Iranian raisins, Vietnamese black pepper, and Chinese pine nuts. These are just a few of the products the Ben Hamed family has traded and sold to the northeast African countries.

Lassaad has continued his family legacy and extended it into North America by exporting a wide range of non-GMO (non-genetically modified) soybeans maintaining the same integrity, consistency, and customer excellence. Having a century of family expertise allows Seamax to provide ingredient products and innovative global solutions and evolve with their client’s changing needs.

Discover how we can assist you in realizing your ingredient-solution needs. We are your connection to Canadian soybean growers. Our network of local farmers allows us to provide competitive pricing and quality soybeans in their natural form.

Seamax Exports of Canada strives to be your reliable provider of Canadian soybeans dedicated to its customers by fulfilling their growing and trading needs.